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Electronic Health Record and Clinical Repositories. A future based on knowledge

By Raimundo Lozano and Xavier Pastor

Abstract: Health Sciences are based upon information. Nevertheless, in the common ground clinical information is usually stored and managed by physicians with precarious tools based on a merely data registration. Ontologies, as explicit conceptualizations of a domain, are better suited for the task of representing medical knowledge and clinical data. Ontologies can be used on top of clinical systems to organize knowledge, provide decision support, and drive information retrieval.

Related article:

Lozano-Rubí R, Pastor X, Lozano E: OWLing Clinical Data Repositories. Journal of Medical Internet Research - Medical Informatics. In press


Xavier Pastor:  PhD University of Barcelona.

Current position: Chief Medical Information Officer at Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and Professor at Medical school of the University of Barcelona.

Raimundo Lozano:  MD Complutense University of Madrid. BSc CS University of Lleida. At present pre-doctoral researcher in Artificial Intelligence.

Current position: Senior Consultant in Medical Informatics at Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and Associate Professor at Medical school of the University of Barcelona

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