Programa de Neuroinmunologia- IDIBAPS


  • Influence of corpus callosum damage on cognition and physical disability in multiple sclerosis: a multimodal study.

  • Randomized placebo-controlled phase II trial of autologous mesenchymal stem cells in multiple sclerosis

  • Intense immunosuppression for the treatment of an immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome-like exacerbation after natalizumab withdrawal: a case report.

  • MRI characteristics of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder: an international update

  • Long-term follow-up of immunotherapy-unresponsive recurrent tumefactive demyelination

  • Walking function in clinical monitoring of multiple sclerosis by telemedicine

  • Improved Framework for Tractography Reconstruction of the Optic Radiation

  • Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders: Comparison according to the phenotype and serostatus.

  • Clinical spectrum associated with MOG autoimmunity in adults: significance of sharing rodent MOG epitopes.

  • Usefulness of optical coherence tomography to distinguish optic neuritis associated with AQP4 or MOG in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders.