Programa de Neuroinmunologia- IDIBAPS


Translocation of phospoSTAT1 to the nucleus as a biomarker of the response to IFNbeta therapy in Multiple Sclerosis

IFN-beta is important in the response to pathogen infections and is used as a therapy for Multiple Sclerosis. The mechanisms of self-regulation and control of this pathway allow precise and environment-dependent response of the cells in different conditions.  Our ODE model of JAK-STAT signaling pathway (Pertsovskaya et al., 2013) suggests the importance of the nuclear traffic features of pSTAT1 for the oscillatory behavior and the correct functioning of  the pathway. We are validating this hypothesis in PBMCs from patients with Multiple Sclerosis treated with IFNbeta. We are using ImageStream flow imaging technique to achieve single cell pSTAT1 nuclear translocation data. The aim of this study is to correlate the translocation  of pSTAT1 to the nucleus with the response to the IFNbeta treatment in vivo. 

Lugar: CELLEX sala A11
Horario: 13h