Neuroimmunology Program - IDIBAPS

Fullbright Students in our Program


"Most importantly, I felt like I was welcomed into a family of scientists"

1. What motivated you to apply for a Fulbright Fellowship to Spain?

The Fulbright Grant is an excellent opportunity for scholars to unite their academic research interests with the experience of living in a new country.  I studied Spanish and Biochemistry in college, and was excited about the possibility of moving abroad and being immersed in a new culture while pursuing medical research. 

2. How did you find our lab?

I discovered the Villoslada lab while researching transcription factor binding dynamics while I was working at the National Institutes of Health. 

3. How was your professional experience here? and personal experience? In the year I spent with the Neuroimmunology team I learned a number of new techniques, and was able to bring a project through to publication.  The culture of the lab is supportive and always encouraging, and there are ample opportunities to be trained in new techniques. Most importantly, I felt like I was welcomed into a family of scientists.

4. Will you recommend to other Bachelor students to come?

 It is rare to find a lab with which you feel both academically and personally supported.  This can be particularly important when moving to a new country. I cannot stress enough the value of a group of people who can support you in all things ranging from the paperwork to obtain a VISA to celebrating Thanksgiving together.  I am so happy to have worked with this team, and to have formed a lasting connection with the group.