Neuroimmunology Program - IDIBAPS

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The Program

Brain inflammatory diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Neuromyelitis Optica, Autoimmune Encephalitis or Paraneoplastic Syndromes are complex diseases that require a multidisciplinary and translational approach. For this reason we combinethe excellence in clinical care provided at the Neuroimmunology Unit of Hospital Clinic with the research performed at the IDIBAPS (Institute of Biomedical Research August Pi I Sunyer).

IDIBAPS is a leading biomedical research centre that includes more than 400 researchers working in different diseases with a translational approach that starts with the patient before moving to the research laboratory. Our research findings are then translated back to the patient through improved techniques for diagnosis and better treatment approaches.

Hospital Clínic

With the opening of the Centre of Biomedical Research CELLEX sponsored by the CELLEX Foundation in February 2013 by IDIBAPS, we have strengthened and expanded our research capabilities .