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Dr. Pedro Gambús

Neuroimmunologic Response to Surgical Aggression and Anesthesia

Current Positions

  • Principal Investigator
  • Systems Pharmacology Effect Control & Modeling (SPEC-M) Lab of the Anesthesia Department
  • Consultor-1, Anesthesia Department, Hospital CLINIC de Barcelona
  • Associate Professor (adjunct), Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care, University of California San Francisco (UCSF)
  • Member, Associate Editorial Board of the British Journal of Anaesthesia
  • Member, Subcommittee on Monitoring and Technology of the European Society of Anesthesia (ESA)
  • Member of the Board, World Society of Intravenous Anesthesia (WORLDSIVA)
  • Member of Sociedad Española de Anestesiología (SEDAR), American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA), European Society of Anaesthesia (ESA), World Society of Intravenous Anesthesia (WorldSIVA), International Society of Anesthetic Pharmacology (ISAP), Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine (SASM)

Academic Qualifications

  • MD degree University of Barcelona, 1983
  • PhD degree in “Neurophysiologic Measures (EEG) of the Effect of Intravenous Anesthetics”, University of Barcelona, 2002
  • Specialist in Pharmacology (UB-CSIC), 1989
  • Specialist in Anesthesiology, Reanimation and Pain Therapy, Hospital de Granollers, 1992
  • Postdoctoral Fellow “Clinical Pharmacology in Anesthesia and Drug Development” Anesthesia Dpt, Stanford University, California (USA). Profs. S.L. Shafer y D.R. Stanski (1993-1996)
  • Associate Professor, Visiting; Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care (Prof M. Maze), University of California San Francisco (UCSF) (January-December 2012)
  • Visiting Professor:Department of Anesthesia, Stanford University (2012); Neuroscience Statistics Research Lab; Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT (2013); Department of Anesthesiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University (2013); Department of Anesthesiology, Weil Cornell Medical College, Cornell University (2013)

Areas of Research

Measure and Control of Drug Effects in Anesthesia

  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling
  • Signal Analysis: EEG, AEP, hemodynamics
  • Sedation and Analgesia
  • Clinical Pharmacology of Anesthetics: study of variability in response (Systems Pharmacology)

Neuroimmunologic Response to Surgical Aggression

  • Postoperative Cognitive Decline
  • Systems Analysis, modeling and quantitation

Honors and Awards

  • National Prize of the Spanish Society of Anesthesia (SEDAR) 1999
  • “Premi Raventós” Award of the Catalan Society of Anesthesia, 2004 and 2009

Grants for Medical Research

  • Fondo de Investigaciones Sanitarias del Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Health Department, Government of Spain
  • Fundación Hypnos of The Spanish Society of Anesthesia
  • Fundación Mutua Madrileña

Recent Selected Publications

  • Fernández-Candil J, Gambús PL, Trocóniz IF, Valero R, Carrero E, Bueno L, Fábregas N. Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling of the influence of chronic phenytoin therapy on the rocuronium bromide response in patients undergoing brain surgery. Eur J Clin Pharmacol. 2008 Aug;64(8):795-806. doi: 10.1007/s00228-008-0485-7. Epub 2008 Jun 3. PubMed PMID: 18521585.
  • Borrat X, Trocóniz IF, Valencia JF, Rivadulla S, Sendino O, Llach J, Muñoz J,  Castellví-Bel S, Jospin M, Jensen EW, Castells A, Gambús PL. Modeling the influence of the A118G polymorphism in the OPRM1 gene and of noxious stimulation  on the synergistic relation between propofol and remifentanil: sedation and analgesia in endoscopic procedures. Anesthesiology. 2013 Jun;118(6):1395-407. doi: 10.1097/ALN.0b013e31828e1544. PubMed PMID: 23503369.
  • Borrat X, Valencia JF, Magrans R, Gimenez-Mila M, Mellado R, Sendino O, Perez  M, Nunez M, Jospin M, Jensen EW, Troconiz I, Gambus PL. Sedation-analgesia with propofol and remifentanil: concentrations required to avoid gag reflex in upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. Anesth Analg. 2015 Jul;121(1):90-6. doi: 10.1213/ANE.0000000000000756. PubMed PMID: 25902320.
  • Gambús PL, Jensen EW, Jospin M, Borrat X, Martínez Pallí G, Fernández-Candil J, Valencia JF, Barba X, Caminal P, Trocóniz IF. Modeling the effect of propofol  and remifentanil combinations for sedation-analgesia in endoscopic procedures using an Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS). Anesth Analg. 2011 Feb;112(2):331-9. doi: 10.1213/ANE.0b013e3182025a70. Epub 2010 Dec 3. PubMed PMID: 21131550.
  • Fábregas N, Rapado J, Gambús PL, Valero R, Carrero E, Salvador L, Nalda-Felipe MA, Trocóniz IF. Modeling of the sedative and airway obstruction effects of propofol in patients with Parkinson disease undergoing stereotactic surgery. Anesthesiology. 2002 Dec;97(6):1378-86. PubMed PMID: 12459662.
  • Gambús PL, Fita G, Jiménez MJ, Gomar C, Lapena CL, Nalda MA. [Cryoanalgesia in post-thoracotomy pain]. Rev Esp Anestesiol Reanim. 1992 Nov-Dec;39(6):390. Spanish. PubMed PMID: 1293665.

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