Neuroimmunology Program - IDIBAPS

Multicentric and observational longitudinal study to evaluate the use of the OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) to monitor Multiple Sclerosis.

Which are the aims?

This is a prospective multicentre and longitudinal study with Multiple Sclerosis patients in order to evaluate the feasibility of using optical coherence tomography to monitor MS.

Which are the results so far?

The study is ongoing. Preliminary results (two years) are going to be presented in the II Update of Optic Nerve Degeneration: European Network setting in Barcelona, March 17-18th 2017.

What are we looking for and how could you help us?

The recruitment of this study is closed. However, recruitment of MS-Visual Path study, whose protocol and aims are pretty similar, is permanently open. So, we would like to encourage you to participate in this study that will not interfere with standard healthcare in your hospital. We will provide you with all the results so they will be available for your treating physician´s evaluation at your reference hospital.

Visual Pathway Lab