Neuroimmunology Program - IDIBAPS

Raman Spectroscopy

Which are the aims?

It is an observational study including patients with brain and retinal disorders. Raman Spectroscopy informs about concentration of metabolites in the retina. Functional changes are likely previous to the structural ones (atrophy). This technology will allow to better understand the mechanisms behind the neuronal injury in order to develop better drugs for brain and retinal disorders and develop markers for precision medicine (a priori selection of the best therapy for each individual patient).

Which are the results so far?

By now, we have found that the raman spectroscopy device allows to see differences between the retina in multiple sclerosis patients and healthy volunteers.

What are we looking for and how could you help us?

These results are preliminary and they need to be re-evaluated in more patients. For this reason, if you are a patient we would like to encourage you to participate in this study that will not interfere with standard healthcare in your hospital. We will provide you with all the results so they will be available for your treating physician´s evaluation at your reference hospital.