Neuroimmunology Program - IDIBAPS

AON-VisualPath Cohort

Which are the aims?

Prospective and longitudinal study with acute idiopathic or MS-related optic neuritis in order to further our understanding of the dynamics of neuroaxonal injury and its relationship with inflammation as well as to develop markers of good/bad prognosis in order to define models / strategies for drug development for acute optic neuritis and for MS patients.

Which are the results so far?

We found that retinal ganglion cell decline at the first month of the onset of optic neuritis symptoms predicts the satisfactory/ unsatisfactory recovery after 6 months. We are working in evaluate quality of vision in patients with acute optic neuritis and its relationship with early neuroaxonal injury.

What are we looking for and how could you help us?

We evaluate vision and retinal changes at the beginning and monthly thereafter up to 6 months with a final visit after 18 months of onset. Beside informing prognosis of acute optic neuritis, our main goal is to define models to testing new myelin protective and neuron protective strategies that may be important for patients with acute optic neuritis and for those with MS. That is why if you are a patient we would like to encourage you to participate in this study that will not interfere with standard healthcare in your hospital. We will provide you with all the results so they will be available for your treating physician´s evaluation at your reference hospital.