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Pathogenesis and Novel Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis

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Our work is focused in understanding the causes and mechanisms leading to brain damage in Multiple Sclerosis. In order to achieve this goal we apply the tools of systems biology and brain imaging to dissect the immunological mechanisms leading to brain damage. In doing so, we apply a multidisciplinary approach involving neurologists, ophthalmologists, bioinformaticians, engineers and biologists, that all contribute to the research program.

Our team has a strong translational interest and is highly focused in innovation. As such we work in translating our research into new tools for treating MS. For example we are developing several new neuroprotective therapies for MS and other brain diseases by targeting different pathways such as the polyamine pathway or the neurotrophin pathway.

In the lab we perform the preclinical development of new therapies in collaboration with spin-off from our group: Bionure, Mint-Labs and Fractalmed, and at the hospital we will perform the clinical development by carrying out clinical trials. We are also developing several new diagnostic tools such as molecular imaging of the retina, new software for quantifying axonal damage or new biomarkers based in gene expression and metabolomics for predicting the course of the disease.

Finally, we aim to translate our discoveries in collaboration with leading centers around the world in the management of patients with MS, developing personalized medicine by applying computational models in combination with molecular, imaging and clinical databases using advanced computational tools. Most of these efforts are conducted in collaboration with the Spanish MS network from the Instituto de Salud Carlos III and within several European grants and international collaborations.