Neuroimmunology Program - IDIBAPS

MRI and genetic markers of multiple sclerosis long-term progression

¿What does it consist of?

It is a prospective study with multiple sclerosis patients of more than ten years of disease duration. We evaluate the association between physical disability (motor problems, ambulation, sensory and coordination symptoms) and cognitive performance with advanced MRI data. Moreover, the genetic influence on the most relevant MRI data will be investigated. Our data will be combined with genetic information of more than 4000 patients with MS in a European project, MultipleMS, to characterize the genetics and other biological data underlying the evolution of the disease.

¿What are the results until now?

One aspect of this study is to investigate the association between daily activity measured by an accelerometer in patients with multiple sclerosis and MRI damage at several regions of the motor and sensitive pathway, including the spinal cord. The study has demonstrated that the damage (loss of volume) in the cerebellum and cervical spinal cord is critical for ambulation.

¿What are we looking for and how can you help us?

We aim to understand the basis of disability through MRI and genetics information. If you have multiple sclerosis and want to participate in an MRI project you can contact our group. The MRI data used to monitor the disease in the clinical setting will be available for you and your neurologist.