Neuroimmunology Program - IDIBAPS

Cognitive rehabilitation and brain plasticity in Multiple Sclerosis: a randomized controlled clinical study

¿What does it consist of?

It is a multicenter, longitudinal prospective study to evaluate the efficacy of cognitive rehabilitation in patients with multiple sclerosis that present deficits in attention and working memory. The cognitive training will be done 3 times per week for 3 months with an online tool, and we will assess changes in the neuropsychological tests before and after training. The study also explores the brain changes induced by the cognitive rehabilitation through MRI in order to understand the plasticity of the brain that allows the improvement in cognitive performance. Six Multiple Sclerosis units in Spain will participate in the project.

Development of a new, effective therapy for cognitive dysfunction will therefore have a significant positive impact on the disease burden of patients, but also of their caregivers, health care providers and social security system.

¿What are the results until now?

This study will start in the second half of 2017.

¿What are we looking for and how can you help us?

We want to demonstrate the efficacy of cognitive rehabilitation. If you have multiple sclerosis and cognitive problems and want to participate you can contact our group.