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Biomarkers and Neuroimaging in Multiple Sclerosis and Neuromyelitis Optica

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Multiple sclerosis is a clinically heterogeneous disorder for which it is difficult to predict the clinical course.

Our interest centers on identifying biologic, genetic and neuroimaging markers that will offer early and accurate diagnosis and that will also predict the future clinical course of the disease.

For example, we are developing new neuroimaging techniques by making use of non-conventional magnetic resonance imaging. These techniques offer important information about the pathophysiologic processes associated with severe forms of multiple sclerosis and provides data predictive of future disability. Also, these techniques permits the in vivo detection of neurodegeneration and allows evaluation of disease progression.

The final objective of our group is to translate the future results of these studies into routine clinical practice to assist in establishing both rapid diagnosis and determination of the most appropriate therapeutic strategy for each patient.




Optic Radiation framework by Advanced imaging in neuroimmunological diseases (ImaginEM)

Improved framework for tractography reconstruction of the Optic Radiation The optic radiation (OR) is one of the major components of the visual system and a key structure at risk in white matter diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS). However, it is challenging to perform track reconstruction of the OR using diffusion MRI due to a sharp change of direction in the Meyer's loop and the presence of kissing and crossing fibers along the pathway.

Major contributions

- We provide an automatic tool to obtain the optic radiation reconstruction including the anterior loop through tractography technique.

- This pipeline requires a 3D-structural image and a DWI sequence (single-shell sequence using 60 or more diffusion-encoding gradient directions). It is highly recommended to include a gradient field map sequence.

–We present a novel framework based on clustering techniques and anatomical knowledge of optic radiation tract.

- The pipeline output directory contains the optic radiation file (format .tck) and the seed and target masks (thalamus and visual cortex).

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