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Real Cases

MARIA, 10-year fight against multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a severe blow in your life. Because obviously there is a before and after where you should consider a lot of things.

The doctor is your guide

The doctor first makes an assessment of your problem. Once it is determined that you really have multiple sclerosis the doctor is obviously the most important person around you apart from your family, because they are the one who has to give the explanations ... They are your reference. When you have an outbreak, a crisis, the person you really need is your doctor. You call him, calmly, and he tells you: come here, we'll look, do a test, do an MRI ... It is the doctor who has to explain everything well and in whom you have to trust.


Acceptance. That is it. It is a stop ... get over it ... And every day you wake up with a smile, you go to work, do your job and go home. We must do sport activities such as swimming or cycling, things that make you feel good and get you moving. At the moment you are down and it is not a matter of your saying, "it will pass", because no, it will not. Things are as they are. It is just a silence and support. It is just to taking your hand and press it. You do not need anything else.

Life is to Enjoy

You have to dominate your life, and not let the disease dominate your life. You have to master it, because life is complicated enough. There are too many other things that you have to think about every day. No, you must move forward, move forward. The point is this: Enjoy because life is to be enjoyed.


Honestly, I do not make very, very long plans. I would rather live one day at a time because I do not know what will happen today or tomorrow. Therefore absorb the maximum of today and tomorrow we shall see.

Since it is not something I can control …To see, if one can control more or less, and it is not that "all of a sudden you fall down and you cannot lift".

No, this is not the style of outbreaks of multiple sclerosis. The thing is that now I can do this and tomorrow I do not know so I live for today. Tomorrow when I wake up then we will talk ... You cannot do anything else.

For me the issue is to fight. You can not stand because life will not stop for you. And this condition can not say that "tomorrow I'm going". This sickness is not to go tomorrow. She will be whether or not you're you. So fight.

Do not deny yourself anything

Consider it. Don’t say no. Do not deny yourself anything after you will cannot do it but at the beginning consider that yes. After we will take about it. There will be shades , you will do it in another way but at the beginning everything yes. Everything. Do not deny yourself anything.