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Real Cases

  • I survived autoimmune encephalitis. Mauren Rivera Serrano, Costa Rica.

    My name is Mauren Rivera Serrano, I am 21 years old and I am a student in Industrial Design Engineering at the Universidad del Tecnológico de Costa Rica. I suffered from Autoimmune Encephalitis due to the Neurexin 3- Alpha antibody and now I am completely recovered.

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  • Pere Santamaria: “I want to defeat autoimmune diseases"

    Interesting interview with Pere Santamaría, researcher at IDIBAPS and at the University of Calgary. Newspaper La Vanguardia.

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  • La trayectoria de los aviones en el aire (The trajectory of airplanes in the air). New book by a encephalitis' patient: Constanza Ternicier

    Uncertainty involves the physical collapse of the Chilean student Amaya Tripet while she takes a weekend in London. "Even though you were in a rather greyish city, the sunlight was blindingly bright. You opened your eyes and, despite the difficulty, you turned to the other side. There were the last people with whom you thought you were going to meet: father and mother.” The bed of the hospital is the origin of a journey explained by the trajectory of the planes on the other side of the window and, above all , the causes of its collapse. The blue eyes of the London doctors give him an uncontrollable ardor, and that ardor, whenever he feels it, is a jolt in his memory and his hopes for adult freedom.

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  • Going crazy by antibodies

    An autoimmune disease causes psicosis and personality changes.

    This entity was discovered in 2007 by doctor Josep Dalmau.

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  • Brain on Fire: a personal reflection on the movie, by Suzanne Kong

    The Foundation is honoured and grateful to Suzanne Kong, a survivor of anti-NMDA Receptor encephalitis, for providing us with her personal thoughts on the movie premiere of Brain on Fire. Suzanne’s own story is one of the very earliest and best recorded cases in the medical literature of anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. Her story began in 1998, when the disease was still 9 years away from being identified.  I remember, when she first shared her story on the Canadian FB Support group, , with the opening phrase:  “It has a name!”

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  • Domingo's broken brain

    Domingo Escudero is a neurologist and an NMDAr patient, a neurological autoinmune condition that affects thousands of people. But it was not until recently that the disease was properly identified. He was working as a neurologist at a Barcelona hospital when he developed the symptoms, which can be easily mistaken for a psychiatric condition. Thanks to Dr Josep Dalmau, a researcher in the University of Pennsylvania and in Barcelona's Hospital Clinic, the disease has been identified and it can be treated fairly well. Escudero's goal is now spread the word about NMDAr and help patients and families around the world as well as support the research on neurological autoinmune conditions. More info at Hospital Clinic Health Blog and at the Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Foundation.    

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  • Caroline shares her story of surviving autoimmune encephalitis

    A personal account of her illness by a young girl admitted to the ICU at MGH with autoimmune encephalitis. From the web of Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance.

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  • ALIGNED: an integrated, collaborative approach to treatment. Anti-NMDAR encephalitis.

    Screened at the 2016 Medical Psychiatry Alliance Conference on October 5, 2016 this inspiring video follows a teen and his family through their journey at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), showing how a patient’s successful, timely recovery depends heavily on the collaboration of all of his health-care providers for integrated mental and physical health care.

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  • MARIA, 10-year fight against multiple sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis is a severe blow in your life. Because obviously there is a before and after where you should consider a lot of things.

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  • Anna's case

    The physician Dr Dalmau, doctor and ICREA researcher from the Neuroimmunology Program at Biomedical Research Centre August Pi I Sunyer (IDIBAPS), was interviewed by the catalan newspaper “Ara”, together with a patient diagnosed by him with Autoimmune Encephalitis.

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