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Josep Dalmau awarded with the Rey Jaime I prize in the Clinical Medicine category

Foto: Josep Dalmau rep el premi Rey Jaime I (Foto: Casa Real)

Dr. Dalmau received the prize at an event held at the Valencia Market under the chairmanship of Queen Letizia. The other winners in this edition have been: Fernando Martín, in Basic Research; Carmen Herrero, in Economics; Anna Mª Traveset, in Environmental Protection; Susana Marcos, in New Technologies; and Alicia Asín, to the Entrepreneur.

Dr. Josep Dalmau is an international reference in the study of neurology and psychiatry. In the last 7 years he has identified 8 autoimmune diseases of the brain. The studies of his group focus on a type of diseases related to autoimmunity, cancer and synaptic proteins. He has described new syndromes, associated immunological mechanisms, synaptic antigens have been identified, and generated diagnostic tests, some of which are used throughout the world.

The King Jaime I Prizes

This year saw the celebration of the XXIX edition of the Rey Jaime I Awards, which are dedicated to the promotion of science, research and entrepreneurship in Spain. The awards, of the best paid in the country, consist of a gold medal, diploma and an economic grant of € 100,000. The winners of each category have the commitment to invest part of the amount of the prize in the Spanish research.

Throughout these almost 30 years, these Prizes have been consolidated as the most prestigious awards that recognize the research and business activity carried out in Spain. Of the 25 winners in the category of Clinical Medicine, created in 1993, 5 of them have been professionals of the Hospital Clínic-IDIBAPS and the UB: Francisco Navarro (1994), Ciril Rozman (1995), Josep Brugada ( 2015), Elías Campo (2016) and Josep Dalmau (2017).

Notícies (Multi)