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Sara Llufriu receives one of the Merck Research Grants 2017 for a project on cognitive rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis

Cognitive alterations are common in multiple sclerosis (MS) and negatively affect patients' autonomy and quality of life. "Cognitive rehabilitation could improve cognitive performance but the evidence we have about its effectiveness is low due to the methodological problems of the studies," explains Sara Llufriu.

The study awarded by the Merck Salud Foundation proposes to carry out a study, in the form of a clinical trial, on cognitive rehabilitation in patients with Multiple Sclerosis. 80 people with Multiple Sclerosis of seven Catalan Units and 40 healthy volunteers are expected to participate. The objective is to demonstrate the benefits of a rehabilitative treatment, which consists in a training with tasks that have a progression in their difficulty, as opposed to a static training with a low intensity. In addition, thanks to the use of advanced resonance techniques, you will know the changes in the neuronal networks induced by the cognitive training, and therefore, to deepen the knowledge of the cerebral plasticity.

"Demonstrating the effectiveness of this cognitive rehabilitation program will allow us to have a valuable therapeutic tool to counteract cognitive dysfunction, a symptom of the disease with great personal and social impact, so we do not currently have good therapeutic alternatives," he said. Says Llufriu.

Sara Llufriu has received the "Fundación Beca Societat Catalana de Neurologia Award" for this same project.

Notícies (Multi)