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I survived autoimmune encephalitis. Mauren Rivera Serrano, Costa Rica.


In 2016, I had headaches that were not removed with the pills, but I thought it was due to menstruation. However, being in classes at the university, on August 12 in the early hours of the morning, I had a very strong seizure (I had never had one in my life), I lost consciousness and control of my body. My classmates told me that I was screaming a lot, I was biting, my body was trembling and I ended up lying on the floor without control. A classmate helped me, her name is Sofia, she gave me first aid because she knows about seizures and called for emergencies and my dad. The paramedics at the university helped me, but they did not have the necessary medications to reassure me. My father saw me in that state and tried to help but I did not recognize him and I did not let him touch me.


Notícies (Multi)