Neuroimmunology Program - IDIBAPS


A digital platform will allow better management of rare diseases

The platform is expected to include, among others, data on the patient's usual treatment and the degree of compliance and daily controls of parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate or weight. It will also include a messaging system from professional to patient and between professionals from different centers. The platform offers advantages for patients, who can carry out an autocontrol of the disease and save some unnecessary displacements in the hospital, and for professionals, who will have a tool to evaluate compliance with the treatment of the patient and They will be able to communicate if there is a lack of control or if there are changes in the measures. Likewise, it is anticipated that the system can integrate an aid to estimate the risk of a patient based on the data.

Today, information is introduced by professionals and patients directly to the application through the mobile or PC, but it is working to make the platform integrate with the electronic medical history of the hospital where It has the reference unit, which in the case of pulmonary hypertension is the Hospital Clínic, which will allow the sharing of data with the shared clinical history of Catalonia.