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Brain Awareness Week - Dana Foundation

From 13 to 17 March, thirteen researchers from the Institute of Neurosciences will go to educational centers in Barcelona to talk about the research they are carrying out. The activity is aimed at students aged 10 to 18 years and aims to bring the world of neuroscience to the younger.

The Institute of Neurosciences offers 8 of the 31 talks included in the program of the World Brain Week of the Barcelona City Council. Specifically, the conferences are:

«Changing the activity of the human brain with electricity and magnetism», Kilian Abellaneda and Lidia Vaqué

«Coma awakening: and now, what? Dismantling the Myths of Hollywood », Alexandra Abós, Carmen Uribe and Anna Campabadal

«Schizophrenia: brain and mind», Miquel Bernardo and Viviana Cabrera

«Discovering the secrets of the brain: structure, functions and factors that modify it», Alba Castells and Noemi Lamonja

"Neuronal Imaginations: The Things Invented Our Brain", Jordi Costa Faidella

«Minority brain diseases», Raúl Estévez

"The brain is a network. The most complex, "Joan Guardia

«Your Brain, from Development to Aging», Esther Pérez

For information and to access the enrollment form for schools, see this link