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New paper in JAMA Neurology: Assessing Biological and Methodological Aspects of Brain Volume Loss in Multiple Sclerosis

The study has taught us that the loss of brain volume in multiple sclerosis (EM) does not follow a linear dynamics, but is losing at greater speeds in the early years of the disease.

The researchers used a cohort of 140 EM patients followed annually with magnetic resonance, a cohort of 20 healthy volunteers followed one year to assess the loss of volume in the absence of illness, and a cohort of 34 healthy volunteers to evaluate the noise of the measure

The first 5 years of the disease showed signs of having a greater brain loss in all regions studied. We also observed that the reproducibility of the measure still makes it not suitable for studying individual patients. In the same study we compared two measurement techniques, the one based on the FSL software and the one based on the Jacobian integration technique. This second proved to have less noise and bias in the measurements.

Finally, the conclusion of the study is that 0.4% / year that had been proposed as a therapeutic objective should be reconsidered.