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New paper in JAMA Neurology: Assessing Biological and Methodological Aspects of Brain Volume Loss in Multiple Sclerosis

Brain volume loss is a promising marker of therapeutic response in multiple sclerosis (MS). The MS visual pathway group leaded by E. H. Martinez-Lapiscina recently published in JAMA Neurology a study that aimed to assess the dynamics of this parameter as MS progresses by using different imaging methods.

We found out that brain volume loss rates were higher in the first 5 years after MS onset with a direct association with steroids and an inverse association with age. To conclude, it seems that proposed brain volume loss threshold of less than 0.4% per year should be reconsidered in future studies. 

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  1. Una visión hacia la Esclerosis Múltiple. Laboratorio de la Vía Visual. Hospital Clínic. IDIBAPS

    El laboratorio de la vía visual del Hospital Clinic de Barcelona organiza la segunda edición del evento "Una visión hacia la Esclerosis Múltiple" que tendrá lugar el día 29 de Marzo 2019 en Barcelona. 

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  1. Therapeutic strategies using non-viral nucleic acid in animal models of Parkinson's disease

    By Analía Bortolozzi, PhD. IDIBAPS Researcher.

    Área de Neurociències clíniques i experimentals

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