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HLN, CNN, and NY Post produce stories on three ladies with autoimmune encephalitis (AE Alliance Blog) Post by Lynn Chapman

Viewers nationwide watched on Sunday, August 27, as three ladies (survivors!) and their families shared stories of their tumultuous experiences with AE on the new HLN series "Something's Killing Me." On Monday,  August 28, CNN followed the program with a feature story on  the disease.

Many thanks to Susannah, Emily and Madison and their families for their bravery on all fronts, including battling the disease and sharing with the public. We are confident that because of this production, others will reach a correct diagnosis and timely treatment. Also, a special thanks to producer Darran Foster of CNN for involving Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance (AE Alliance) and for making it possible for viewers all over the nation to better understand this terrible illness.

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  1. From to

    II Update on Optic Nerve Degeneration. A European Network

    MISSION EUPON inspires European multidisciplinary collaborations to further the knowledge in ophthalmological and neurological optic nerve pathologies. VISION To be a European reference and lead international efforts in diagnostic, therapeutic and research strategies involving optic nerve. TARGET AUDIENCE Opthalmologist, Neurologist, Engineers working in Biomedicine, Optometrists, Nurses


    This week one of our researches, Dr. Domingo Escudero is going to participate in “Àgora Clínic” . This Agora will focus on the role of patients in their health care. See you there!

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  1. Blood brain barrier disruption in acute ischemic stroke: assessment with perfusion neuroimaging and clinical relevance // Multimodal assessment of visual pathway: an opportunity to understand and monitor MS?

    By Sergio Amaro, MD PhD IDIBAPS Researcher // Elena Hernández Martínez, MD PhD IDIBAPS Researcher

    Área de Neurociències clíniques i experimentals

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Pere Santamaria: “I want to defeat autoimmune diseases"

Interesting interview with Pere Santamaría, researcher at IDIBAPS and at the University of Calgary. Newspaper La Vanguardia.

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